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Posted on 21 June 2023 by Global Connections

man praying for calling and guidance

Our primary calling

The primary image of calling in the Bible is the calling to follow Jesus. Living out our personal gifts and abilities in such a way that God is glorified (our vocation) is secondary to that. Our jobs are not necessarily the most important aspect of our calling or our service in Christ’s work in our lives.

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3 things your calling is not

Your 'calling' is not for you, your 'calling' is not from you, your 'calling' is not future tense. There’s nothing wrong with godly ambition or planning for the future. But in all this, make sure the emphasis is on faithfully serving the Lord where he’s placed you - until he makes it clear that he is calling you to something else.

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3 things your calling is

If you are a Christian you are called to take up your cross and to follow Jesus, to play an active part in the life of the church, and to make disciples wherever you are. It doesn’t really matter whether you do these things in Keswick or in Kazakhstan. The important thing is that you are being faithful to Christ in these basic ways; everything else is just details.

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We are all different

Because we are all different God often works in different ways in our lives. A few really will have some kind of 'personalised call', others see it as a matter of simple obedience, others tend towards an honest evaluation of key factors, and a few find that a radical obedience to Christ means a willingness to do anything and go anywhere.

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Stop chasing your vocation

The consideration of 'calling' in terms of the work that we do, is often done from a position of privilege. Most people in the world do not have the luxury of choice. "The key to living vocationally – that is, being 'God-called' and Spirit-anointed – isn't getting the right job or career but doing kingwork in whatever circumstances we find ourselves."

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Involve others

God's 'call' and guidance is not discovered in a vacuum. Seek wisdom and advice from others who know you well, particularly those whom God has given responsibility for your spiritual life - your local church leaders. Discernment is corporate, and it should not be something you seek to do on our own.

God is far more concerned with how we work — with faith, hope, and love —

than with what career we have.

Bethany Jenkins, Stop Overspiritualising 'Calling'

What we are before God is infinitely more important than what we do.

Raymond Brown
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