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Church Mission Society

Asia  |  Malaysia
August 2023

Society Local partner Isaac Goh recruits, trains and sends people out for mission and development work in rural indigenous communities in Malaysia. Isaac writes that though there are churches, many of them are without a pastor and lack Bible teaching and discipleship, leaving them weak and vulnerable. Please pray for Isaac as he works with others to meet the need for leaders to disciple the rural churches.

Members of the Aldor* Bible storying team in Southeast Asia have had to flee violence in their home areas. Pray for continued connection to teammates so they can keep going with their work. Pray that the team can focus amid the political crisis in the country where Aldor is spoken, and that God would give them grace and wisdom to manage their stress. *name changed for security reasons

CMS mission partners I and S are based in Southeast Asia, where they lead an international congregation, teach English classes and come alongside people to preach, teach, disciple and help lead them into a transforming encounter with Jesus. Pray for both I and S to get to know students outside of class, for God to show each of them who to come alongside and invest in.

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