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Global Care

Africa  |  Zimbabwe
April 2024

Pray with us for our work in Zimbabwe. Please pray for: - Pastor Mishack and the team at the Houtberg Childcare Centre - Healing & hope for those children living at the shelter who have no family to care for them - Those children with relatives, for safe, reliable family members to be identified s - Success in the agricultural projects which sustain the home - Continued progress in learning for the children, despite their histories of trauma and the challenges of local schools.

Pray as we consider the principles of the International Day of Social Justice (20th Feb); pray for human rights, participation, access and equity. Pray we see these flourish in our projects worldwide. Please pray for: increased inclusion for families affected by disability. Increased access to education and health services for minority groups. Equity for girls, disproportionately affected by both Covid and climate change. Pray for greater access to fair legal systems, which support human rights.

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