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Middle East  |  Palestinian Territories
April 2024

Please pray for our teams working amongst Palestinians and Arab Israelis. Pray for hearts and minds to be opened to the gospel as they share Jesus with those they work amongst. Pray for one of our teams who partner with Messianic Jewish believers to help and pray for Palestinians, as they seek together to share Jesus in the midst of the current difficult situation.


Europe  |  Kosovo
February 2024

Decades of war, political instability, and extremism have left many in Herat, Afghanistan disillusioned with Islam. Pray that this disaffection would be answered by the gospel, and lead to faith and new life in Jesus Christ for many Herati’s. Pray for greater access by workers to live in Herat, Afghanistan with new and creative entry strategies that provide long-term work options so vital for relationship-building that leads to proclamation.


Europe  |  Russia
November 2022

Young men from Muslim people groups in the North Caucasus of Russia are being disproportionately mobilised for war in Ukraine. Pray for a renewal of faith among believing soldiers with Muslim backgrounds. Pray for those distributing contextualised Bibles to young Muslim men at enlistment offices and military units. Pray for more Bibles as supplies are low.  Pray they would be read, and that these men will meet and follow Jesus. Pray for the families left behind. Pray also for followers of Jesus across the North Caucasus, that their faith would be renewed, and they would know the truth of Jesus.

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