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Posted on 21 June 2023 by Global Connections

Lady working remotely drinking and stroking a dog.

Getting the most from remote working

A series of quick and practical top tips to help you get the most out of homeworking.

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Easily distracted?

If you find it difficult to focus and get things done outside of the office (insert 'easily-distracted' here), working from home can be easier said than done. Here's some top tips to help maintain your productivity.

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How to leave work at work

Some jobs have very clear lines between when you’re “on” and when you’re “off,” while in others the lines are blurred, or non-existent. Here are four steps to reduce working after hours.

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Do you prefer working in the office?

Research has shown that post-Covid most UK employees would prefer a hybrid approach. But if you're someone who is keen to get back to the office full-time, point your current employer to this article.

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The loneliness of the hybrid worker

Preventing loneliness in remote working also needs to take into account personality traits and motives which result in a higher feeling of loneliness. Where do you fit into this? And what can be done to help?

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And finally, just for fun...

Remember this?! Watch again as Professor Robert Kelly copes with interruptions from his children whilst being interviewed live on BBC News.

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Person with outstretched arms for latest prayer updates

The purpose of work as God intended is to bring people together in loving community for mutual benefit and support.

Dallas Willard

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