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Posted on 21 June 2023 by Global Connections

Group of people searching on a board for strategic direction.

5 Transferable Skills You Probably Didn’t Know You Had

Helping you identify your transferable skills to set the foundation for finding a job in the Christian or charity sector.

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Spend more time on fewer applications

Rather than applying for 100s of jobs you ‘know you can do’ why not concentrate on a smaller number you get genuinely excited about?

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Use social media in your job search

You can increase the visibility of your professional profile and be seen by the wider world.

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Make contact before you apply

Give yourself a priceless advantage over other applicants and make contact first. There really is nothing to lose.

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Making a career change

Career advice for a post-pandemic workplace.

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Finding work - a guide for the over-40s

Inadvertent ageism? Be prepared for the 'seven elephants in the room'.

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The job-hunting process is often long and uncertain. Amid this arduous process, God promises us His peace.

Renee Zou

Learning to stay sane in the job hunt

Really practical help and advice - 3-minute read from CharityJob.

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Sanctification in the job hunt

Finding contentment amidst competition, joy amidst rejection, and peace amidst uncertainty.

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Job loss and redundancy

If you're struggling with either of these, our prayer is that this section will bring hope, help, and practical and spiritual guidance.

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