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January 2019
Rehabilitation of children from sex trade

Around 2 million children across the world are sold into the commercial sex trade each year. More than half of these children are in India. The girls lucky enough to be rescued have lived through unimaginable horrors and are left traumatised, afraid and struggle to adapt back into normal life. Pray for the restoration of the girls and that they would find strength and confidence as they transition back into a ‘normal’ life. Pray also for our partner JKPS in Kolkata as they care for these girls at their rehabilitation homes, providing a safe home, counselling, support and spiritual guidance.

January 2019
Safe houses for children

Working in Olinda, in northeastern Brazil, ReVive International provides safe houses for young girls, and now boys as well, who are victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and neglect. They will soon be opening a new home, hopefully in early-mid 2019, for babies and young children up to the age of seven, both boys and girls. Even as they open this new home, pray that one day soon the ReVive homes will all be able to close as more Christians step up to foster and adopt children.

January 2019
Unity of the Evangelical Church

Pray for the unity of the evangelical church in Nicaragua and for an understanding that all are called to be a part of the kingdom of God and to go and make disciples of all nations. Pray for a greater sensitivity in the church towards work with the poor and marginalised, especially with prisoners, women who suffer violence, youth and adolescents at risk and indigenous people.

January 2019
Clean water prevents diseases

According to the United Nations, poor sanitation kills 1.5 million children a year. Drinking contaminated water can lead to diarrhoea, the world’s second leading killer of children. A clean water system installed in the Ecuadorian village of Iwia was inaugurated last year with the involvement of the whole community. This included labour, training and maintenance, as well as education for families on essential health and sanitation practices. Throughout this process the love of God has been shared with the Achuar people of Iwia in many different ways and individuals have been impacted both physically and spiritually. Pray that they will continue to be challenged about their need for the Water of Life.

January 2019
Students pray for economic crisis

Johanna from MUEVE Venezuela shares: “pray that Christian students here will show a different attitude towards the crisis our country is in. Pray that we would transmit hope, peace and a desire to continue fighting for a better future.”

January 2019
Hyperinflation causes despair

Venezuelans from all walks of life are suffering and in despair as hyperinflation continues. Violence regularly erupts on the streets as people reach the point of desperation. Around two million people have now left the country in the last few years having lost all hope of supporting themselves if they remained. The Bible Society in Venezuela is responding by joining efforts to bring aid and help where possible. Naturally their main heart is to share God's word and restore hope where it is gone. One way of doing this is to help equip church leaders to stand on God’s word and inspire their congregations to do the same.

January 2019
Petition for Atewa Forest

The petition appealing to the President of Ghana to save Atewa Forest has gained over 13,000 signatures. Please pray that the Ghanaian Government would see that forest’s value far exceeds any economic benefit that could be gained from bauxite extraction and that they respond to protect this globally important site, as it provides a habitat for many thousands of species and a clean water supply for millions of Ghanaians. Please pray too for wisdom and protection for our colleagues in Ghana as they publicly raise support for this campaign.

January 2019
Safe vehicles for translators

Pray for the funds to buy trustworthy and safe vehicles to transport the CAR Wycliffe translation (ACATBA) staff safely to remote but needy work locations and back. A recent trip to the northwestern part of the country for a trauma healing workshop saw the team finally arrive at 3.30am, in a third rented truck, as the first two had broken down. Road conditions in CAR are punishing enough for travellers as it is. Please pray for this major need to be met.

January 2019
The Karimojong people

The Karimojong live in northeast Uganda. Armed conflict, often stemming from cattle raiding has left unresolved animosity and the current ‘peace’ in the region is the result of a significant army presence. While many of the Karimojong will say that they are ‘Christian’, this does not usually mean a transformed life. Many factors hinder the church there from fully engaging in the Great Commission and as a result the Karimojong are often categorised as an unreached people group. Doctrinally, some churches seem focused on religion or prosperity, and the presence of mature Christian leaders, able to teach and disciple others, is largely non-existent.

January 2019
Living water for the Zigua

Although the area where the Zigua people live has plentiful rains, most have no way to store water. For much of 2018 the pump at the village well was burnt out and the government system to deliver water didn’t reach them. The result was that the cost of a single Jerry can of water was out of reach for every household in the area. People rode over 10km to obtain even a can of water. Water is one of those things that you don't consider too much until you don't have it; then it consumes you. Now that the well in the village has been fixed, pray that the Zigua would turn their thoughts to the Living Water, and be consumed by it.

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