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September 2019
Sharing the gospel in North Korea

Getting God’s Word into North Korea remains an extraordinary challenge; pray for current efforts to be fruitful. Pray for technological solutions where importing paper Bibles is impossible. Ask for Spirit-led understanding of God and His ways among those with access to even a carefully preserved page of a Bible. May His Word give deep comfort to the suffering. Some North Korean refugees have (amazingly) managed to flee the country and are trekking across Asia to find a new and safe place to call home; pray that they would meet Christians and be lovingly welcomed. Pray also for the Korean women and children who have been drawn all too easily into slavery in China.

September 2019
Strength in Christ for students in Jamaica

Jamaica has the most churches per square mile than any other country in the world, but widespread poverty means that there is pervasive scamming and dishonesty. Volunteer Winsome asks for prayer that Christian students would stand for integrity on campus and in society and trust God to provide for them. Student Kenneka shares that she and her peers also face a lot of peer pressure to be sexually active, and to find their identity far from Christ. She would appreciate prayer for God to give them strength to live pure lives and that Jamaican students would reject confusion caused by campus society and social media about identity and values. Instead may they seek God’s approval. 


Serving in Mission
September 2019
Pray for the Unreached Indigenous people of Paraguay

People belonging to most of the 19 distinct indigenous groups in Paraguay live and die with almost no access to God’s good news. SIM Paraguay is addressing this by partnering with other missions to record scriptures and Bible materials in the heart languages of these communities. By sending ministry teams to disciple and train believers from indigenous communities, we pray that as leaders, these indigenous believers will, in turn, effectively convey the gospel to other groups. 


September 2019
Political instability in Haiti affecting vulnerable children

Please pray for political stability in Haiti. Recent protests and strikes have meant that Haiti Christian Schools have struggled to source food and supplies, and when they have, prices have been inflated. Currently, they feed 130 children each day, so this is a huge concern for them.

Zambesi Mission
September 2019
The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi

The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) is run by a group of international mission agencies together with several indigenous evangelical churches. Limited access to scripture means that there is little detailed Bible knowledge, causing susceptibility to false teaching. EBCoM prepares local believers to teach and preach the Bible faithfully and make it applicable to situations that local believers face. This autumn EBCoM will be starting a new degree programme; please pray for EBCoM, particularly that the Holy Spirit would inspire all its students to grow in faithfulness, godliness and love of the Lord as they prepare to serve God in Malawi and even beyond.

Fields of Life GB
September 2019
Fields of Life Vocational Training Institute

Please pray for the first phase of the construction of the Fields of Life Vocational Training Institute in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The ground breaking ceremony took place in June and we pray that the construction will go as planned, and pray for all involved in building and supervising this exciting project. Please pray for the wonderful donors who have helped make this phase possible and that we are able to raise the funds to complete this project.


Starfish Malawi
September 2019
Bible Explorer (BX) programme teaching

We ask for God's favour and protection in this coming academic year for our secondary school student sponsorship; and for good outcomes to staff changes. Pray for the Bible Explorer (BX) programme teaching the Bible to children in school, for spiritual growth in the lives of all BX presenters, and for their good health. Pray also for the expansion of this programme in schools in the Matenje zone, where ten schools are expected to be added this year, and that in the Glad Tidings Orphan Care the nursery school children would excel in their education.

Hope for Kids International
September 2019
Vulnerable children placed within families

Residential care for orphans and vulnerable children has to be a last resort. God’s best for children, when it is an acceptably safe option, is for children to be brought up within their own family. Please pray that the right support is available to allow children to have their basic needs met, including healthcare and an education. In addition, pray that adult relatives would not only be encouraged to release their children to go to school but also to find hope, dignity and self-respect themselves through tailored programmes that enable them to provide for their families and grow towards becoming financially independent. Reaching out to these families in need not only shows the love of Jesus in practical ways, but also opens doors to share the transforming gospel message.


AIM International
September 2019
Bringing Jesus to the Laarim people

Angelo of the Laarim people became a Christian after attending school outside the Laarim area. He has returned to his Laarim people and wants to share the gospel with them. He is also helping with the translation of Bible stories into Laarim. Pray that everyday he will be a light for Christ.

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK
September 2019
Landmine clearances in Angola

The Angolan Government has recently committed $60 million to clearing a large area of land around the Okavango river watershed. Please join us in praying for the safety of those involved in landmine clearance, and praise God for organisations like The HALO Trust, Mines Advisory Group, and the Angolan Government that are making mine clearance a priority. Pray that by the Ottawa Treaty deadline of 2025, Angola would be landmine-free.


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