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OMF International UK
October 2018
Sports ministry offers evangelism opportunities

Japanese people are the second largest unreached people group in the world; out of 126 million people, only 0.3% are evangelical Christians. One way churches can reach out to their communities is through sport. 70% of Japanese people are involved in sport in some way, but so far few churches have grasped this opportunity. One OMF missionary writes that, through ultimate frisbee, “I have more conversations about life, faith, God, and Christ than through any other ministry I’m involved with in Japan”. Pray for more churches to get involved in sports ministry to see lives transformed in Japan. 


Cambodia Action
September 2018
Election results and stability

On the 29th of July, Cambodia went to the polls to elect a government for the next 5 years. During the run up to the election we prayed that no violence would break out and, praise God, the vote was peaceful. However, within Cambodia there is considerable discontent with the election results. The ruling party won all 125 parliamentary seats and many NGOs and Christian organisations are concerned about the political vacuum that these elections have left. Please pray for the people of Cambodia, that they would find hope in Christ- the true hope - and not find comfort in the different vices that are on offer. 


Latin Link
September 2018
Unity in church and family

Please pray with Latin Link Peru, that evangelicals in Peru would recognise the need for unity, and that organisations and churches would work together to present the message of the gospel to those who have not experienced God in their lives through integral mission. In Peru there is a high rate of family violence, including sexual abuse. Pray for groups and organisations that stand up against this by offering programmes of awareness, prevention, protection and restoration. 


The Caribbean -
September 2018
Caribbean International Student Ministry

In recent years, numbers of international students across the Caribbean have increased significantly. Many are coming to study and find themselves in a new culture with a new openness to form their identity as individuals, away from their home and family. Pray for IFES Caribbean’s International Student Ministry, ask that students would be welcoming and keen to share their faith with others. Pray too for the appointment of the next IFES Caribbean Regional Secretary and for financial provision for the work to continue.


Latin Link
September 2018
Church colloborations combat cocaine

Argentina has a growing, troublesome import: cocaine. For the first time in its history, drug trafficking has become a major problem. The nation has become the fifth-largest transit location for cocaine to Asia and Europe. Drug use among Argentinians has at least doubled over the last two decades and, in the hubs for shipment, murder rates have rocketed. The church is networking to address the issue, collaborating with government initiatives and battling the problem with prevention programmes and rehabilitation centres. Pray that these collaborations would bear fruit and that there would be freedom from this stronghold in Argentina and beyond.

Church Mission Society
September 2018
Education for children without paperwork

In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, life is cheap, life is unsure, and life is scary. A CMS mission partner is working with children here, many of whom grow up in unstable families, and cannot go to school because they don’t have an official birth certificate. Often, the only option for these children as they grow up is to join gangs, which offer them a good income, status, and for the first time, a place to belong. Pray that God would bring transformation in this dark place, and open doors for children to go to school and create bright futures for themselves. (Church Mission Society)


The Leprosy Mission International
September 2018
Farming school earning opportunities

59-year-old Armando lives in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. Tragedy struck his family when disease took the lives of his wife and three of his children, leaving Armando consumed by grief. At the same time he was diagnosed with leprosy. However, Armando was offered a place at a ‘farming school’ and is now able to earn an income by growing cassava, pigeon peas, and peanuts. Pray that more people in Mozambique will be helped through this project that works to improve the livelihoods and food security of vulnerable people.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
September 2018
Political instability hindering local translations

All Bible translation in the Central African Republic is done by local, first-language speakers of the various languages. Many of these teams haven't been able to live and work in their own home areas for years because of the political instability in their country, impacting their work, and ultimately hindering access to God's word. The translators are eager to be with their own language communities, to raise awareness of the new translations - but how, when travel is dangerous, difficult, and expensive? Please pray for this problem to be overcome so that these communities will be ready and eager to use the scriptures when they become available! 


AIM International
September 2018
Digo people to experience the Holy Spirit

For over 20 years, a handful of AIM missionaries have served on the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania among the Digo. Yet, despite this gospel presence, there has been little visible fruit. Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Digo people, that they may seek after the truth. Pray that they would understand that good works or following rules and traditions cannot earn them a place in heaven. Pray that the love of Jesus would soften their hearts.

September 2018
Peer led sex education

Pray that the continuing times of political uncertainty would not hamper the efforts of Viva Zimbabwe as it connects 230 churches and organisations to work with 35,000 vulnerable children in Harare. One of their programmes is equipping young people with disabilities to teach their peers about sexual and reproductive health in order to prevent the spread of unwanted pregnancies as well as HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Pray for the 20 youth ambassadors who have been trained and have reached out to over 250 other young people.  


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