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Latest prayer points

Hope for Kids International
June 2019
Manchay Oasis Care Centre

Manchay Oasis Care Centre opened in 2003 to help poverty-stricken mothers of Manchay with their young children. Many of these mothers are not married, and while they often do their best to provide, malnourishment and neglect are rampant. Homes in this city are often one or two-roomed cardboard or tin shacks with dirt floors and no electricity, running water, or sanitation. The number of needy children continues to grow each year. Many children come to the preschool programme where they receive a meal each day and learn skills. Older children come before or after school and receive a meal and get help with their homework. Basic health services as well as counselling are offered for those who have been through traumatic experiences. Pray that God will bless the development of our therapeutic programmes, and that he will bless the relationships between children and counsellors, breaking down the walls and building trust.

Scottish Bible Society
June 2019
Born to Love project brings children hope

Give thanks for the Born to Love project being run by the Chilean Bible Society to promote Christian and family values among children and teenagers. Pray, as these young people read God’s word together, that many lives will be changed as they meet with Jesus.

Latin Link
June 2019
Churches being legally recognised

While official statistics suggest that 95 per cent of the Mexican population are Christians, this is somewhat misleading. Only eight per cent are Evangelical. The remainder includes a mixture of forms of Catholic and indigenous Santeria practices, or the cult of the Holy Dead. The Catholic church and institutionalised religion are allied to political influence in a nominally secular state. Religious identity (both Catholic and animist) is often expressed as a form of political or cultural identity, rather than spiritual practice. There is a significant amount of anti-Protestant sentiment, which forms the backdrop for evangelical witness. During 2019, different churches are planning to be legally recognised by the government and thus have fewer restrictions. Pray for all this to happen correctly and legally.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
June 2019
Release for kidnapped villages needed

A translation team’s village was attacked by rebels, so they fled to another village. The team is safe, but others were kidnapped to carry off goods that were stolen. Some villagers have been released, but not all. Some homes were damaged, but the translation office was unaffected. The people need to know God’s love and care at this time. Pray that they will know when it may be safe to return and for courage for the team to continue with Bible translation.

Zambesi Mission
June 2019
Bibles at lower prices for rural believers

Access to scripture in local languages in Malawi and Mozambique is a big challenge. In most rural churches only a handful of Christians have access to a bible. There are two issues: cost and access. A bible costs about £7, but travelling to the city to buy one costs much more. So they are out of reach of most believers. Zambesi Mission runs a scheme to help rural believers buy a bible in Chichewa for about £1. It is wonderful to see men and women crowding around to buy their own bible, often for the first time. Please pray that many more believers would be helped to buy a bible in this or similar ways.

Fields of Life GB
June 2019
Girls missing school

One in ten girls worldwide miss school simply due to menstruation: 1.2 billion girls and women do not have access to basic sanitation and hygiene. In Uganda, 86% of girls often miss school or drop out for lack of sanitary products. Pray for the “I AM GIRL” project as it dispels the stigma with education and practical solutions.

Middle East Concern
June 2019
Political transition brings challenges to Christians

Christian communities are facing specific challenges in these times of political transition including: the requirement for Christian schools to be open on Sundays; interference by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in the operation of churches; confiscation of church properties by the NISS or people related to the NISS and court cases against Christians accusing them of being foreign spies and working for foreign governments. Pray for further progress in addressing these specific challenges faced by the church in Sudan and that any new political situation would allow Christians to worship freely.

The Leprosy Mission England and Wales
June 2019
Mobile clinic brings healing

The Abuja slums in Nigeria are home to hundreds of people affected by leprosy, living in the most unimaginable poverty. Most have limited or no access to medical care and attention. Give thanks with us that a mobile clinic has now been funded to serve the people of this community who are in so much need. Please pray for the team who will be bringing medical treatment through the clinic. Pray they will bring emotional and spiritual healing as well as diagnosing and treating leprosy.

June 2019
Students in Christian summer camps

Many students in Christian Unions around the country are serving on Christian summer camps throughout July and August. Pray that they will faithfully pour themselves out for others as Christ did for us and will see lots of young people take steps closer to the Lord as a result. Pray for energy and health as they do this.

Operation Mobilisation
Southern and Eastern Europe -
June 2019
Life changing Transform teams in the Med

In recent years, many thousands of Muslims in Mediterranean countries have been contacted by Operation Mobilisation’s Transform teams. Large numbers have watched videos, read scriptures for the first time and joined in thought-provoking conversations. Pray that life transforming change will come as many meet Jesus.

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