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Longer-term mission

Longer-term mission could be anything from two years or more. At Christian Vocations we’re passionate about reaching the world for Jesus, and encouraging and releasing people into longer-term mission overseas is a key part of our vision. If you are considering getting involved, you need to think through what you have to offer, why you want to go, and where, and be aware of some of the possible pitfalls. Most churches and mission agencies will also want to know something about your sense of 'call'. 

Long-term mission is an investment and is not something to go into lightly. A longer-term commitment allows time for language learning, training, cultural adjustments, and the time to build up relationships in a meaningful way. To be most effective overseas, you need to invest a significant amount of time to learn about a different culture and to become part of a new community.

This section is designed to help guide you through some of these issues as you start your search to find your place in mission. Click on the headings below to explore the sections in more detail.


There are some things about serving overseas that, whatever your age or stage, you need to think through carefully.
With so many job opportunities and mission agencies to choose from, we help you ask the questions to narrow them down.
Helping you think through issues such as raising support, involving your church, dealing with family concerns and more.