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Working remotely

Are you new to working from home and not sure how to do it? Can working from home make you more unproductive? How do you cope with unexpected distractions? How do you make remote working work for you and your employer? Are you worried about sustaining this for the long haul?

Before you read any further, why not pause and pray this Prayer for Working from Home by Will Sorrell. 

Blogs and articles
  • Ten Top Tips for Working Remotely - a quick summary to get you started, from CIPD.
  • How to: Work from Home - to help you maintain your productivity while you’re working from home, here are some of Reed's top tips.
  • Our top tips for working from home -  excellent nuggets of advice from OMF-US workers used to working from home.
  • How to leave work at work - some jobs have very clear lines between when you’re “on” and when you’re “off,” while in others the lines are blurred — or potentially nonexistent. That makes not being distracted by work, especially mentally, a major challenge. This helpful article from Harvard Business Review gives some excellent hints and tips on this subject.
  • Majority of UK employees prefer hybrid work - research has shown that, post-Covid, most employees would prefer a hybrid approach. If you're working from home and keen to get back to the office, maybe point your current employer to the article.
  • The loneliness of the hybrid worker- for further ideas to help offset the social downsides of remote work. 
  • And, just for fun, watch Professor Robert Kelly cope with interruptions from his children when he was being interviewed live on BBC News, whilst working from home.


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