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Short-term mission

Short-term placements offer many people at all stages of life the opportunity to serve God overseas or in the UK from a few weeks to a couple of years. 

Serving short term is a great way to get involved in God’s long-term mission. Whether you are a young adult considering a Christian gap year, a working person willing to use your annual leave or take a career break, coming up to retirement wondering how you might use your life experience, looking for an opportunity to serve with a team from your church, or a student taking a gap year - there are a wide range of options available to you.

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Short-term mission FAQs

Short-term involvement is a great way to see what God is doing around the world, to listen and to learn, and perhaps even test a call to long-term service.
Thinking through what you have to offer, why you want to go - and where, and be aware of some of the possible pitfalls.
The desire to make a worthwhile and lasting difference is usually high among the priorities of those getting involved in short-term mission